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Sun, Apr. 5th, 2015, 08:00 am
Newest edition to our little family:

For those who care to know... schpydurx for example?

Our son Mason Alexander arrived safe & sound on April 1, 2015 at 3:00pm after a 3-hour natural onset labor & delivery.  10-pounds, 1-ounce, 21-inches long and already a little spitfire!  :-D  There were some concerns involved prior to the onset of labor, but the Lord had a plan & worked them all out exactly the way they were supposed to.  Praise him for all his wonderful planning!!  :-D

Our oldest son is taking to his new baby brother quite well, seeming to think this is a nice big grand adventure, and can't wait to play with him.  Being 18-months he doesn't understand everything that's going on of course, but he understands a great deal.  The only aspect he is showing signs of not liking about his new brother, is that Mommy's lap is not big enough for him to sit there while Mason eats & he misses Mommy at bedtime sometimes because that was "our" time.  Daddy is for playtime, mommy is for sleepy time (most of the time)... till now.

Sat, May. 3rd, 2014, 04:48 pm
New blogs & hating google

As I've gotten further and further into chickens, egg production, meat processing etc. I've realized that everyone in my life is sick of hearing me talk about my pets.  So I created a blog via blogger, because I had never used it before.  Through G+ I have made a few friends, but overall I hate google.

Google blogger SUCKS .  Like majorly.  I like the "backgrounds", but finding other people with the same interests as you and/or making friends with people who like the same stuff as you is a pain in the butt, and when it comes time to commenting... that's annoying too.

Time and time again, it seems I just like the way that LiveJournal blogs in general... not to mention how big-brother-ish google is... and "remembers" all your photos etc. from photos to youtube preferences of all things!  I am really hating google... BUT LJ also doesn't seem to get much traffic either... & the traffic I do see now-a-days, seems to be from Russia, Ukraine etc. or something... Such annoyingness...

Thu, Mar. 20th, 2014, 01:57 pm
Dad's job change

About a week ago my dad was offered a job working for a man from church.  We all thought it was a good move, but it turns out it was a better move than we could have known, and this was definitely a "God thing".  Mom just got a text message from dad stating that he's been paid at a much higher wage than he originally thought (we all thought it would be at $12/hour; the wage he has received is nearly double).  He is working as an electrician, which he has had training in a long time ago after high school but hasn't used very often ever since.  The man who has hired him received his electrical training in the Navy, and was formerly Amish.  He is a very very strong Christian, who consistently does what the Lord tells him to do.

Because of his background, it isn't an easy situation at times with his family.  His brother's, sister's & their kids are still Amish, so their kids will come to him sometimes asking him to pray for them.  He's also experienced miracles and been the cause for events of healing after a laying on of hands. He & his wife are very good examples of good people and how to aspire to be.  His wife is my pregnancy center consultant.

Either way though... I firmly believe that this job change has come about, entirely due to God.  Mom got fired, and within 3 days my dad had a job, working at a job that he would like to do rather that just "putting in his time", being paid a fairly decent wage as far as blue collar jobs are concerned... it all just has given me a refreshing breath of reassurance that life is going to work out OK.

My brother & sister are still working the milk route, and dad is working the lesser of the two loads, then after his first job he travels south about 10 minutes to the other job where they are wiring a factory warehouse up.  Dad is coming home with his head up, smiling and actually seems to have some hope again, instead of coming home depressed, shuffling around with his shoulders & head down all the time, feeling as if he can't get ahead no matter what he does. And on an even more positive note, my mom is much happier at home, and ironically, it takes 3 people to replace her, and we still weren't getting everything done to her satisfaction.

Sat, Mar. 8th, 2014, 11:08 am

So many things to write about, so little time... so hitting the highlights...

Allen is 4-months 1-week old now, measures over 27-inches, over 16-pounds, is wearing 9-month old clothes, is rolling over, trying to sit up, can stand up & support his own weight, but doesn't have the balance necessary to walk without help, and LOVES his food & johnny jump-up.  He's started solid foods now, but is very very attached to the breast.  Because it was so difficult to get him to nurse properly in the first place, I don't have the heart to begin weaning him.  It isnt time to wean him yet anyway, but considering his current behavior, (behaves like my brother) and how attached Matt was to nursing, I imagine it won't be easy to wean him.  I also imagine he will end up at a comparible size to Matt (6'6", 230lbs of pure muscle).  Allen still doesn't sleep through the night because he is hungry around 0400 every night, and is beginning to say words that can be recognized.  "Hi", "Mommy", "Daddy" & "Oma" (our name for my mom; Oma is german for grandma)  He LOVES his mommy, daddy, oma, opa, Matt & Meg... goodness gracious.  If any of of us comes into the room (specifically me, devon and my mom) he gets so excited he has scooched himself across the floor from kicking so much.

Devon & I are sadly being forced to sell our car.   We love our car, so it's breaking our heart to do so, but we just cannot afford the payments anymore.  When we signed the paperwork and set up the payments we had no way of knowing that Devon wouldn't be employed by the Marine Corp within a year.  We set the payments up under the thought path that he would be making a comfortable amount of money for the next 4-years, so for $500 a month we signed on for a $20,000 car... we've got over half of it paid off, owing only $12,000 on it, but with neither of us working right now, it's just too much and is eating us alive.

Keeping with the thought path of having no money, we've also had to downgrade our phones and cancel service with Verizon.  Never would I have thought I would leave them... I've been loyal to VZW for over 12-years... but they are just too expensive.  We've found a carrier that only charges $30 per phone for the same amount of service we were getting from Verizon for over $100 per phone, and if we play our financial cards right we can both have our smart phones back, later.  But smart phones are just not necessary right now because we're both home, and only use our phones to text each other across the house for various reasons.

Devon's anxiety, insomnia, depression etc. are still prominent in our lives, but he doesn't seem to have an issue caring for our son, or anything like that.  He just cannot seem to get over the hurdle's of holding down a job, and going into a doctor.  Both of which are huge stressers for him due to how everything was handled while in the military.  Some day, we'll get him in there, and it will probably be for something non-issue related more on the order of getting moles or warts or something removed, but if we can get him in the door, one step at a time... we might be able to get him seen for his anxiety and depression issues.  The insomnia has been an issue for him since he was a young child, so I have no idea if the doctor can help.

Even though Devon isn't anxious about caring for the baby, he cannot take care of him 100% for an extensive period of time.  30-minutes is about as long as he can go before he needs to give him back.  This, combined with the fact that I don't want to go back to work because my place is home with my son, I'm not working either.  Call it excuses if you wish, but I know where I belong, and it is not in the work place.

Thu, Nov. 7th, 2013, 12:00 pm
The Birth

Our son, Allen Amadeus, was born in Goshen Hospital on October 31, 2013 at 9:49am.  He weighed 8-pounds 12.6-ounces & was 21.3-inches long with a head circumference of 14.7

Allen day 4

We had gone into the doctor for a simple check up, and he sent us over to the hospital to be induced as soon as possible.  My birth plan went out the window.

I was artificially induced at 40-weeks due to pre-ecclamptic complications. The doctors predicted that it would take 96-hours for my body to go into birth mode.  They were wrong.  Labor lasted 6-hours and I progressed so quickly through the stages of labor, that I was begging for an epidural 2-hours into it due to the severity and intensity of the contractions.  It takes about an hour for the anesthesiologist to get around to administer it, so it was good I asked for it so soon because it didn't come until after 6am.  My contractions started at 2 to 3am.

My mother had taken me to the doctor, so when they administered the first stage of induction, thinking there would be enough time to do so, she went home to pick up Devon & our bags as well as catch some sleep.  They came back at 6am, but not before I was panicking that they wouldn't be there in time due to how quickly everything was happening.  I transitioned early on, at 2cm, and went from 2 - 7cm in 1-hour.  Mom & Devon arrived just in time to watch the doctor administer the epidural & Devon helped hold me up while the doctor did what he had to do... then wait around for my labor to progress efficiently enough for Allen to be born since they gave me a small dose of a drug to help slow the labor down a tiny bit so it wouldn't be such a shock to me and the baby.

It seems I had gone from showing no symptoms of having problems, to severely pre-ecclamptic rather quickly.  Supposedly, the indicators that my body (kidney's & liver specifically) was going into distress were so great that I was near the point of seizures, so the doctor was correct in making me go in for an induction.  Really a strange situation since I felt fine...

He was born with the cord wrapped around his neck & his head got stuck, then his shoulders got stuck & the doctor had to move quickly or else Allen would have died.  I got a minor tear out of the deal, but all in all he was still out in 5 contractions/10 pushes and both of us are doing fine.  :-)

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